Plant Galls of Europe - SET Volume I-III

Keys to Plant Galls (Zoo- and Phytocecidia) of Central- and Northern Europe

Plant Galls of Europe - SET Volume I-III
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In 1964-1965 Herbert Buhr published his ‘Bestimmungstabellen der Gallen (Zoo- und Phytocecidien) an Pflanzen Mittel- und Nordeuropas’. These keys were developed in the great tradition of cecidology in Europe. During the second half of the twentieth century a new generation of cecidologists expanded significantly our knowledge of plant galls and their distribution, about doubling the knowledge known before. We concentrated on Buhr’s keys, but implemented additions, especially for Southern Europe, from Houard (1908-1913): Les zoocécidies des plantes d’Europe et du bassin de la Méditerranée. The nomenclature of as well gall inducers as host plants has been updated, and information about specific groups of gall inducers has been reviewed and new insights have been given by a team of specialists. To the proxy 9,000 galls and malformations described by Buhr and Houard, we added about 1,250 new galls which have been described in the more recent literature. Moreover, we collected distribution data for total Europe and, if available, adjacent areas. VOLUME I •Preface IX •Explanation of symbols and abbreviations IX •General notes XIII •Herbert Buhr 1902–1968 XIV •Clodomir Houard 1873–1943 XV •Introduction XVII •Host-parasite associations XIX •Host-parasite associations of generalist gallers XIX •Host-parasite associations of specialist gallers XXI •Keys according to host plant genus Abies – Myrrhis 1 VOLUME II •Preface IX •Explanation of symbols and abbreviations IX • Keys according to host plant genus Narcissus – Zygophyllum 935 VOLUME II •Preface IX •Explanation of symbols and abbreviations IX •References 1779 •Index to gall inducers 2049 •Plates 2137 Johannes C. Roskam is associate professor emeritus in Evolutionary Biology at Leiden University, The Netherlands. His PhD covered a biosystematic analysis of associations among birches, gall midges and their parasitoids. He revised earlier W.M. Docters van Leeuwen Gallenboek (Plant Galls) 4th edition, 2009.
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