hello cross fire

hello cross fire
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Hello. If you are looking for answers that explain where you come from, why you are here, what your final destination is, what karma is, what the role of your ego is, what your mission is and why you reincarnate all the time? don't read this book. Huh, huh. Just joking. Of course you will find all the answers to all these Big Questions in this book. And you won't be bored. I will show you that life is a very easy to understand phenomenon and how you can live it in a very effective way. I won't waste your time with long lists, dumb tricks and daft suggestions. We will go directly to the grain, to the very core of things. You will not agree with all that you read. I know this and that's fine. But, you will come out of this experience as a changed person. It is easy for me to make this claim, because you always change, also without this book. Nevertheless. Well, see you when I see you. In the mean time, be happy.
Auteurpaul dunki jacobs
UitgeverBrave New Books
UitvoeringPaperback / gebrocheerd
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